What causes high cholesterol?

Things that cause high cholesterol?

Level 2 Asked on October 9, 2018 in Healthy Low Fat Diets.
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High cholesterol is an important factor for heart disease and stroke. Lots of things are responsible for high cholesterol.

(1)–An unhealthy diet is the first reason for high cholesterol. Eating foods that are high in fat content can increase your cholesterol levels. For example– Full-fat dairy products and meat, especially red meat.

(2)–Your family history can also contribute to high cholesterol. If you’re having trouble with your cholesterol level, then your genes might be the problem.

(3)–Lack of physical activity and Overweight. Exercise can increase your good cholesterol. You can exercise at least half an hour a day. It can be walking or cycling too.

And, you can lose those extra pounds to increase your good cholesterol. A higher body weight can triple your risk of high cholesterol.

(4)–Alcohol and Smoking can also lead to high cholesterol problem. Regular drinking and smoking can reduce your good cholesterol. They damage your arteries and increases the risk of heart problems.


Level 1 Answered on October 19, 2018.
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