Is there a perfect solution for lean people who want to gain weight fast ?

The perfect solution for lean people to gain weight fast?

Level 2 Asked on October 7, 2018 in Healthy Weight Gain.
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I don’t know why one will want to gain weight because I think gaining weight most time has adverse effects on the body,but if one wants to gain weight fast, then it all about consuming more food and storing more calories in the body,no need exercising or expending good amount of energy and eat late into the night and take snacks that are calories laden in between meals.

Level 1 Answered on October 7, 2018.
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There’s one very sure way of gaining weight which I believe works for almost everyone, eating unhealthy. If you’re the type who selects food and restrict your eating habits to a particular type of diet, you need to drop the habit if you intend on gaining weight really fast. Eating a long of junk foods with as much fat will do the trick.

Gaining weight sometimes has to do with the mind’s psychology. I’ve come to realize that anytime am less stressed and more relax with the day to day activities, I tend to get fat, even if it’s just a couple of pounds.

Asides all said, I believe another way of gaining fat is through the use of medical drugs, I can’t remember any names right now, but they are usually in the form of capsules. They act as supplements with rich nutrients which also compels you to eat more often than usual. It is recommended you consult a medical expert before taking any drugs

Level 1 Answered on October 8, 2018.
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