How to gain weight fast in a healthy method for skinny people?

What are the best healthy ways to gain weight? How to gain weight to get a perfect body shape instead of being a fat person?

Level 0 Asked on October 6, 2018 in Healthy Weight Gain.
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Adding weight is about taking in more calories than the body needs to spend. So to gain weight healthily one should eat a balanced diet but with consuming extra calories so that the body will begin to store some unused energy, rest more and do very little of exercise.

Level 1 Answered on October 10, 2018.
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Choosing food high in nutrition, eating more often and consuming juices or smoothies are healthy ways to gain weight for people who are lean and want to put on some weight.

Level 2 Answered on October 15, 2018.
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Start eating high calories food, sleep in the afternoon, sleep right after eating your lunch/dinner are some of the ways to increase your body weight. By the way, exercise also helps you to gain weight. When you work us, you will burn calories rapidly. And your body needs to fill again with calories. therefore you will be eating more. Exercise will also increase your body volume.

Level 2 Answered on October 16, 2018.
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