Does water help in weight loss?

Water has zero calories, aid in digestion, detoxification, transport of nutrients etc.

I’ve heard terms like “water therapy” for weight loss. What is the exact mechanism?

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I’ve heard about water therapy too which made me do a little search on the subject.

I came across one study or experiment I should say, on people who needed to lose weight. They were grouped in two. One group was put on a diet, the other group was given only water for the duration of the experiment. Both groups lost weight, but the water group lost more weight because they felt more full and less hungry. It was concluded that the water acted as a suppressant to their appetites.

Drawing from the above, it’s safe to say water therapy can be a very effective way of losing weight. Being fat is almost all about eating, but the water makes you full like in the experiment, so you don’t get to eat. In return, you get to lose weight.

Level 1 Answered on October 8, 2018.
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There are people, who go on a diet as a way to lose weight fast. By undertaking a water diet,  a person can reduce weight by about six to ten kilos in a few days. The principle of observing water diet is by not consuming any food or drink except water for about five to seven days.

Level 2 Answered on October 15, 2018.
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water has zero calories, you don’t gain any calories by drinking plain water, however, the benefits are immense including weight loss.  Water therapy is a process where you will be drinking water to lose weight, increase metabolism, release toxins, cure various physical conditions etc.

If you want to use water therapy for weight loss follow these steps:

Drink 1-2 glass of water 30 minutes before you eat your meal. This will reduce your appetite and you will eat less. When you eat less you will naturally lose weight. Since you are eating less, you might feel hungry quickly, in order to avoid getting hungry too quickly, drink 1-2 glass of water 30 minutes after eating a meal.

Whenever you feel hungry, don’t snack, instead drink water. You can use lemon juice and honey to sweeten the water.

Every morning, before you have eaten anything, drink a glass of lukewarm water.

Level 2 Answered on October 16, 2018.
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Yes, water has really aided my weight loss I take it intermittently throughout the day because I need to remain hydrated and it helps in a way to replenish my energy and keep hunger away which will assist me not to eat before my eating frame. Water helps to suppress hunger so all these help one stay away from eating which points in the direction of weight loss.

Level 1 Answered on October 17, 2018.
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