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About the Author

A blog owned by Abraham Vivian, the owner of and main contents are written by an experienced writer for several Natural Diet and Health Section in several magazines. Vilma Noah. She is the main author of this blog. She is a researcher on ‘Effects of food preservatives on human health’.

About the Blog

This is not a typical weight loss blog or fat loss website with full of affiliate links and product ads. I am not here to sell any e-books or pills for fat burning. This is a different blog to show up some homemade remedies to lose fat naturally. The intention of the author behind this blog is to help people from getting cheated through online fat loss e-books, pills with serious side effects and ridiculous workout videos. I want all people in this world to be healthy. That is the reason behind this blog Defat.Net originated.
This blog will serve you some of the most used Ayurvedic tips to burn fat. Most people start with a pill or awkward exercises to reduce their belly. A pill has its own side effects while unscientific workouts are even more dangerous. These pills can put you in trouble rather than helping to burn your belly fat. There are many quick and easy recipes to lose belly fat naturally without any side effects or hardcore workouts. This blog is meant to explore those proven ways and to serve it to the readers.
As you all know walking is the best exercise to reduce your weight, there are even more simple tips to burn your excess fat magically right out there in your kitchen/garden. Those who don’t want to do exercises this blog may help them. But still, I recommend at least a km walking daily.
Don’t get a misconception that I am against workouts. Yes, I do have exercises daily but I am not a fan of hardcore ab workout. I recommend those people who are desperate of their belly fat after trying many ridiculous ways to follow my posts in Defat.Net

The Sources of Information

All tips may not work for everyone but definitely for the most readers who follow it correctly. All fat loss tips here on this blog are extracted from various Ayurvedic Thaliyolas ( an ancient way of keeping documents instead of paper ) and these tips should be done exactly like what it says.
This blog is not meant for any kind of medication. So use these tips judiciously. See the Disclaimer page

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Did you know?
30% of cholesterol in a human body comes from the diet. And the rest is produced by the liver.

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