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protein rich diet for weight gain

Among us, there are many people who are thin. It is quite natural for them to gain some weight as they grow up. This desire comes to them naturally when they see other people of their age in the society. However, a lot of thin people are of the view that by just eating more, they can gain the requisite weight. On the other hand, this is a common mistake because lean people have to gain weight based on a lot of other factors too and not just by eating more.

Here are a few mistakes in eating that thin people make to gain weight

1. Do not pay attention to breakfast and eat too much in one meal:

Breakfast is the most important meal that provides energy to the body. If you skip breakfast for a long time from the previous night until noon the next day your body is not energized for the day’s activities. Not eating breakfast also increases the risk of stomach pain due to a long time there is nothing to squeeze the stomach.

healthy breakfast to gain weight

One more mistake made by the skinny people is to eat too much in one meal, causing the digestive system to overload and cannot digest food. In this way, even though they eat a lot, the skinny people still cannot gain weight.

2. Eating more, but not enough:

Many people often focus on eating sweet foods and fatty foods to gain weight. But this is a very serious mistake because it causes nutritional imbalance and a serious impact on their health. If lean people want to gain weight, they need to eat a variety of foods in one meal to provide all the four essential nutrients such as protein, starch, fat, vitamins and minerals.

protein rich diet for weight gain

Protein is the key to building and restoring muscle, a condition that is very much required for thin people to gain weight. At the same time, they should not eat too much animal protein because it will raise blood cholesterol. Therefore, eating a lot of protein from plants will make it easier to absorb.

3. Do not eat food to help purify the body:

Many people mistakenly think that only fat people need to get rid of impurities in the body. Even thin people also need to purify the toxic elements in their body. It is because our body receives a lot of harmful substances from the outside. Eating fast food like pizza and burger that contain a lot of preservatives, pesticides used at home, drinking water and polluted air, all these causes the body to accumulate lots of toxins.

toxic removal vegetables to gain weight

Failure to flush out these toxins only causes the body to feel tired, lethargic with poor appetite and poor absorption of nutrients. For that reason, it is necessary to add detoxifying food to the body from green vegetables. Fruit is mandatory if the skinny people wanted to gain weight fast.

fruits for gaining weight

4. Not paying attention to the digestive system:

Even though you may eat a lot, still, the digestive system may not be healthy. It may be full of germs and hence cannot be absorbed and so it becomes difficult to gain weight. For that simple reason, the care of the digestive system is a prerequisite factor for all lean people who want to gain weight and increase their resistance power.

As an addition of living benefit to help balance the intestinal microflora, full digestive enzymes help digestion of indigestible food and produce vitamins B and K. This is also the place producing 75% antibodies, so poorly immune system is also weak because of which skinny people tend to be sick or have trouble eating.

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  • chameli October 16, 2018

    If you do not eat properly, you will gain weight while trying to lose weight and you will lose weight while trying to gain weight. In order to gain weight people start eating more. Well, if you eat more, you will be taking more calories and will gain weight. However, this does not happen always.

  • Kevin October 19, 2018

    For gaining weight properly one must eat high protein foods together with fruits and a lot of water. Simply eating some fatty stuff will only result in a big belly. It’s not a healthy way to gain weight.

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