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Here on this post let me introduce you some fat burning drinks recipes to lose weight. You can make these drinks with some common ingredients that are available in your home itself. Don’t worry about any side effects. It’s hundred percent natural ingredients we are using in these three proven fat loss drink recipes.

Why we need fat burning drinks?

The excess fat in the human body is the root cause of many chronic diseases. A person can stay healthy if he is having a flat belly. A rounded belly means, he is having any of these conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level. An obese person may have sometimes all of these conditions together. Let it be a man or a woman no matter he or she it is, all of them having an overweight is really suffering many difficulties in their day to day activities. Obesity may affect sexual health too.


A big rounded belly is also considered as a negative beauty trait. So everybody wants a well-figured body. But most of them are not willing to do workouts. They don’t like to go to the gym. Not even interested in walking or swimming. Actually, the reason behind this laziness is their belly fat only. So how to burn this belly fat and lose weight without doing a workout? If you have a fatty belly then you can burn the excess belly fat simply by having any of the homemade fat burning drink in this article.

How to burn excess belly fat and lose weight without exercises?

You can burn fat in your body and lose weight by consuming some fat burning foods or drinks that can find in nature itself. Of course, exercises are the best way to burn calories. But many are not able to find enough time to do exercises or gym workouts. This post is for those people want to lose their body fat without doing any exercise or minimal physical workouts. The fat burning drinks in this post will definitely help you in losing weight even without having any exercise or pills.

How do fat burning drinks act in our body to lose weight?

Those drinks made to lose body fat are actually increasing the rate of metabolism in our body. They also detoxify the human body which in turn speeds up the metabolic rate and enhance the overall health. And this post will help you in defatting your body.
Here we are going to check how to make the best detox drinks at home to lose weight and burn belly fat. I am sharing you the best natural fat burner drinks now in this post. It’s 100 percent natural and no chemicals are used in these drinks.
Now let’s go through those fat cutter drink recipes.

Fat Burning Drinks that help you to lose weight

Here are the 3 proven fat loss drink recipes that really work. You can easily make these detox water drinks right at your home.

1.Fennel Seed Drink to lose weight in just 4 weeks

Ingredients needed to make this simple fat burner drink at home
  • Fennel Seed Powder
  • Warm Water
How to make the drink
  • Take a glass of warm water.
  • Then mix a half teaspoon of fennel seed powder to the warm water.
Drink this easy detox water before meals for one month/four weeks to get rid of excess fat from your body.

2.Ginger Lemon Juice to burn fat in 8 weeks


Things needed for ginger lemon fat cutter detox drink
  • Ginger Juice
  • Lemon Juice
  • Warm Water
Preparation and use
  • Mix one teaspoon of ginger juice in a glass of warm water
  • And then mix one teaspoon lemon juice to the above mixture
Drink this homemade fat loss detox drink daily on empty stomach for 2 months. This fat burner drink can help you lose excess fat from your body in just 6 weeks.

3. Honey Lemon Drink with Green Tea Leaves to reduce belly



What You Need To Make This Drink
  • Honey
  • Lemon Juice
  • Green Tea Leaves
  • Water
How to Make the Fat Burning Drink
  • Boil one cup of water
  • Add one teaspoon of green tea leaves to the boiled water
  • Let the mixture to cool. Wait for a few minutes for the mixture to cool
  • Now add one teaspoon of honey to the above mixture and stir well
  • Further, add one teaspoon of lemon juice extract to the mixture. Stir it well
Your fat burning drink is ready to use now.
Drink this weight loss drink for 2 months on empty stomach in mornings. You can remove the excess fat in the belly and lose weight fast with this natural detox drink.

Do I need to do any exercise or special workout to lose fat with these drinks?

No need. Doing an exercise or gym workout will always favor the fat burning process in your body. Exercises will enhance the metabolic rate and health of your body. But our fat cutter drink recipes are meant for people who have no time to do workouts. Just make it and consume as mentioned. You will lose your fat incredibly in a few days.

Should I drink all of these fat burning drinks altogether?

No. You only need to drink any of these drink at a time. If you need you can have the other drink as another course.
I recommend you to try any of these fat burning drinks. You will find the result for sure as these drinks are proven by people in the ancient Ayurvedic era. Please do comments and don’t forget to share if you find this post useful for you.
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  • chameli October 16, 2018

    I have heard about all of these and have tried lemon honey water. If you do not have gastritis problem, honey lemon drink is the best drink to lose your weight. I have heard about Fennel Seed, however, I have not tried this method.

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