Effects of Drinking Water to Reduce Fat

Drinking water can help you in burning fat and lose your weight. Pure water has zero calories in it and helps in overall metabolic activities within the body. 

Despite being the most necessary thing to attain all body functions, water can increase the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates. The process of Metabolising fat is called Lipolysis. The resting energy expenditure can be increased by drinking cold water. A glass of water before meal time can suppress hunger and reduce the food intake too. Substituting sweet beverages to cold water can help in significant weight loss.

There is a misconception among people trying to lose weight that water may increase the weight as the body consists mainly of water. The right amount of anything at the right time can make wonders, and this applies to water too with fat loss.

Here are the frequently asked questions answered about the effects of water while trying to lose fat.

Does water help with fat loss?

Yes, Water can help in reducing fat. Water is calorie-free and it can help increase the lipolysis rate. Having some water before a meal can act as an appetite suppressant. Coldwater can burn even more fat as it can boost the resting energy expenditure.

Hot or Cold water for weight loss?

Coldwater is the best to lose weight. The reason behind this is cold water can increase the rate of REE (resting energy expenditure). Resting Energy Expenditure is the energy required for the body while non-active. It accounts for about 60 percent of the total energy expenditure. The body needs to adjust the temperature to normal, which increases the REE. So cold water plays a significant role in burning fat.

When to drink water to lose weight?

Drink water before the meal. Drinking water before having food can suppress the appetite and therefore food intake will be less. This should be a habit if you are trying to lose weight.

How much water to drink to lose weight?

1-2 liters or 32-64 Ounces of water. Or drink 8 glasses of water when each glass is of about 8 oz. If you are into reducing fat, then consider drinking this amount of water per day before your meals.

Do cold soft drinks helps in reducing fat instead of water?

No. You should drink water instead of soft drinks to lose weight. Because water is 100 percent calorie-free while sweetened drinks are very high in calories.

What temp water is best for weight loss?

50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celcius. Water temperature below the room temperature is the best to reduce fat. However, the ideal water temperature is anything around 10 degrees Celcius.

Can I gain weight from drinking too much water?

No. Your body may gain only water weight by drinking too much water. Other than that, no calories are absorbed by your body when drinking water.

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